Canadian Naked Oats

Grown in Manitoba, by local producers Canadian Naked Oats are an excellent substitute for rice and they have significantly more nutritional benefits. Canadian Naked Oats are a versatile and amazing product that is changing the way the world thinks about oats.

The innovative “naked oat” variety, or AC Gehl, is the first bald-seeded hulless oat to offer a wide range of benefits to producers, processors and consumers alike. Developed by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), “the naked oat” represents a new class of hulless oat as the seed is almost free of surface-borne hairs. Previously developed hulless varieties were still covered with fine hair (trichomes), which represented a major health challenge to growers and processors for harvesting, handling and processing of the grain.

This new variety is the result of more than 15 years of intensive research and breeding by Dr. Vern Burrows. This versatile, made-in-Canada crop is an example of how scientists and producers can work together to feed the world.

Recently, Campbell’s Canada has incorporated Canadian Naked Oats into a new product called Nourish. It is a completely new line of soup introduced to help the fight against hunger across Canada as well as for disaster relief.

Campbell's Canada Nourish

CampbellSoupCanada - The Story of NOURISH